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Money Can Buy You Happiness

Money Can Buy You Happiness

You know the old saying “Money Can’t Buy You Happiness” and it is true, there are no stores that sell happiness. Well other than maybe a chemist or the girl on the corner [that is a good song name]. But I don’t believe that saying to be true, I think it is actually entirely wrong. Obviously money is very important to many people in this world and in fact almost everyone relies on it. Whether it be the average Joe living the daily grind, the CEO of an international company or the kids in Africa. In some way shape or form we all rely on money. But the money itself is not causing the happiness or turmoil in everyone’s life? Or is it?

Well in some ways it is and others it is not, but the best way to break it down is to think of it in it’s most simplest form. Money is either a physical token or a virtual number, it’s value is represented by quantity of either and it in itself can change from the number it is represented by. And it is this exact value that we rely on, that we cherish, store or spend. We put a value on money that we then in part put a related value on something else. Be it physical objects, events, holidays, time with others or even just to look at and know how much one has.

So when you do have some you generally are happier and when you don’t well you generally are sadder. And it is not the money that is the cause of either emotion, think about it. For most people it is easier to relate to when you don’t have enough money, we all have dreams and want to spend big to get there. You aren’t sad because the number represented in your account or the physical tokens you have on your persons. It is the value that they hold that is em-passed onto the thing that you want or in most cases need. And this is where it sets in, the want or need is where your emotions are invested and it is controlled by the quantity of money. If you don’t have enough you can’t have it, if you only just have enough what else do you need or if you have enough it is acquired in a fleeting moment.

But with that leads back to the position of not having enough. So by not having enough money you can’t get what you want or need and the emotion you attach to that item is what causes you to get upset. And it is the exact same when you do have enough money and you do buy what you want or need. Now I’m not saying you are going to run around the streets yelling to your neighbours that you bought a single toilet roll from your mate overseas and paid for it to be shipped here. But that holiday where you go around the world and make memories and life changing events occur. The device that aids you in your day or just buzzes at you 60,000 times a day just because. Or that liquor that could feed 200 babies in a poverty stricken country if it weren’t damn expensive liquor.

These things have emotions attached to them, emotions you have placed there. And just like when you can’t have it affects you just the same. You literally can be happy for purchasing the thing that you want or need. You can spend money on something to thus do something with something else to then be satisfied by it. You have reduced the quantity of a changing value of one thing to another thing which you yourself have set a higher value on. And almost always it will then create memories and compounding emotions relating to it that all make you happy. So in effect you have paid money for something that then directly brings you happiness. You have either not had enough money and been sad for not having it or paid for it and are now happy. You can pay money for happiness.

But the obvious thing here is even though you can pay money for something. That same thing in another lifetime, another place, another world is something that is free or without a required exchange of a quantity of something that has value to some certain people. Is something that someone else no longer wants or has found all the value that they can in it. Something that someone else is willing to give up or help you with, a sharing and exchanging of something else that has similar fluid value. Remember at the end of the day money is plastic, paper, metal or digital code that has value set on it by us conscious people. But it is that exact conscious that allows us to put value on the things that are around us in this world. Allows us to experience this world. Allows us to experience happiness in this world. Allows us to share that experience with others in this world. But remember two things, you only exist in your mind and can only make decisions on what has value for you; and you are made out of the same base ingredients that you see around you every day, even that of which makes money. Make the most of that value and don’t forget to value yourself.

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  1. Another well written thought, as I say, worry about things you can control, and let go of things you can’t control. Same rule applies when it comes to money, as long as bills are paid, there is food on your table, and roof over your head, the rest comes easily. Stay happy lovely..

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