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I May Not Have Money

I May Not Have Money

But there are is so much more to life. This is a lesson I still need to learn, but it will eventually get hammered into that brain of mine. Lessons aren’t easy, otherwise you would just know it already. It takes time and effort to learn them and they can be unlearnt. Now the people close to me don’t know this, but last week there were a couple of points where I was depressed. Severely depressed, as in I made a mental note to keep an eye on myself depressed.

Now I must say I know I am absolutely fine, and I know that it is normal to go through this. But it doesn’t mean it isn’t ok and definitely is something to keep an eye on. And usually it is best to talk about it with someone. And that is what I did, but you may wonder then, why did I say that people close to me may not know. Well that is because I have a few people close to me, people who I can say absolutely anything to and can tell absolutely anything to. And boy do I abuse that. So when something it us and I need to say something, I don’t always tell them all. Sometimes I just mention it to one of them and it helps. I know they are there for me just as much as I am there for them.

But I am honestly ok. Those moments where I had those shorts were literally for a split of a second. Literally for 5 seconds I had such depressing thoughts about my financial situation and being lonely. And how to easily remedy this. But that is only a split in time that is filled with mostly great things. There was just those 2 moments where all did not seem all that great to me. But when you really think about it, it really isn’t that bad at all. It is just that Money is a constant topic both for my thoughts and for conversations I have with others.

It comes up so often and that makes it so hard for it not to get you down. All the things you want to buy all the times you want to go out. But also all the times that other people invite you to places and things. But lately I have been spending time with my friends so much that it really has helped. Even spending whole days if not almost the entire weekend with people. And not everything costs money, we have been doing things that have been free. Which all helps with the cause. But also I have really good friends around me that they even pay for so many things. I feel as though I owe them all and I do plan to do my best. But that is (A so far away and (B they generally don’t want any back.

And I guess it helps being someone they can rely on as well because it is a two way street. They don’t mind giving me things because they know that if I could I would. And I do what I can, at the moment not really with money, but as much as possible with guidance and kind words. Oh and all the shit words I say too, we have many laughs, both at their and my own expense. By the way, did you notice the grammar issue in the image above?

But at the end of the day, the saying “Money can’t buy you happiness.” is so wrong. It can buy you happiness, either physical objects that you can have fun with and enjoy. But you need something to compliment it, usually someone to share it with or give it to. My favourite motto is “Events make history. People make memories.” which can pretty much apply to money. Money can buy you things that bring you happiness, but sharing it with people can give you longer lasting if not ever-lasting happiness. I really enjoy my car and driving it around just for fun, around town or on winding roads. But I enjoy driving my car more with other people or when people enjoy seeing my car. It also costs money to go out for dinner or drinks but at the end of the day it is worth it. Even if I only have $5 left for another week.

2 Replies to “I May Not Have Money”

  1. Another well written “download” of your thoughts. I can relate very well the entire article. Depression or having a down day or a down few days is the norm in life, however, people around you often are more that willing to help pull you up. Loneliness is a difficult thing, and feeling alone is a horrible feeling one can have. Just remember, you are never alone, and I hope you know that. Whenever you feel alone, remember whenever you feel lonely, there is another person in your close circle of friends feeling the same, so reach out…

  2. My darling, I am always here for you, my door is always open for you. There is always food in my fridge and drinks to share, you are apart of my circle, and I am honestly grateful to be able to say that. I can and have relied on you and as I was just saying on the weekend without you I would not have survived recently …. love you to the moon and back my friend

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