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Who is this Ritty?

Who is this Ritty?

Ritty is a 33 year old male who was born and lives in Australia. Born as James and now known as James (surprisingly, or not), was actually known as Jamie for all his childhood until he started school and found out his real name. And he actually told his mum to call him by his real name, this took her some time to change. What a fun person he would be to hang around, right?

He actually prides himself on being able to get along with all kinds of people and tries to inject humour into almost any situation. Although there are times he shouldn’t or limits that are surpassed. But it’s ok because he tries his best. Ritty has a knack with technology and spends 90% of his time in and around it (heh heh) both for work and at home.

Well this is all the effort he can be bothered doing writing about himself. He has already put a lot of effort in to other types of media and you will probably learn a lot more about Ritty through those instead. And by that he means some YouTube videos which is basically what this website is all about. So stop reading this, start clicking around and look at the videos instead!

Thanks to Jeremy for all these wonderful “Ritty Badly Photoshopped” contributions.