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Moderation of Life

Moderation of Life

This post was written on 22nd December 2019 and was not published. I have not edited it and left it in it’s non-context state. Also there was no title. I couldn’t even really tell you what it says.

I can completely sympathise. I would just watch YouTube all the time, so go to work and come home to watch YouTube until 1am or similar.

One thing I started was audiobooks and podcasts which are background noise or something I actually was interested in. During showers, making dinner, pretty much any time.

Something that recently helped drastically was getting hobbies. Just out of nowhere and I didn’t really attempt to get them, but now I do I can tell a major difference. It means that even during times that I don’t have much control or when something happens that challenges me mentally, I have something that involves other people that I feel I should do and breaks me away from being at home. It means I am getting out of the house and also socialising.

So basically if you are at home and you get bored, that is when you notice lonelyness. Introduce a variety of things to add background noise, but don’t get 5 or 6 cause it will become too hard a choice. I have 1 audiobook on the go, a few podcasts but 2 are for when I am going to sleep and 3-4 I rotate. And I have 3 main hobbies which are close to taking up too much time, tennis, Gel Ball (think like less powerful Airsoft) and DnD. All things that last year I wouldn’t have thought about doing. Just situationally they naturally came into fruition. But try things out, talk to your friends and join in one of their hobbies to see if you enjoy them then if you do find somewhere local that does it. Or think of some things you enjoyed when you were younger or didn’t try to hard at and try them again.

Keep your chin up and try to catch yourself when you feel sad, you are in control of your emotions. But if there are days where you just want to let it happen or don’t have the energy to change it. Just try to be mindful of how you are acting or try to do 1 thing to make it better or to change how you are acting. You only have so much energy for life and for your day, if it is being expended elsewhere you can use that energy on yourself.

Note 2 of my hobbies are related to exercise, means I have fun while I am doing it and exercise is really important for mental health. The chemicals released during and also body changes for your own body/mental image. Give yourself some slack but you also need to take control.

Everything in life is about moderation.

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  1. So true James! Everyone thinks I’m crazy getting up at 4.30am to walk every day before work but that’s MY time; I love the solitude at that time of the morning and I take nothing with me to distract me – best part of my day.

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