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Critical Creative Thinking

Critical Creative Thinking

We all need some form of release. Whether that be laughter, sharing stories and photos, sitting down at the beach by yourself or by being creative in one way or another. I personally prefer to share actual stories with people rather than through social media. It’s too impersonal and feels more of a competition. A form of positive feedback loop. But isn’t this what we all crave, to do, to think, to share. With the idea that another or many are meant to respond reinforcing your thoughts or to give praise. For typical social media I find this anyway. Either that or you only share to what your audience would receive. But that is a topic for another blog, twas a little side-tracked.

The purpose of this was to explore the creativity of ones self and how it compares to others. A way of releasing what is within in a way that expresses emotions and invokes feelings and thoughts in others. From drawing, painting, writing (this very blog for example), you know, the obvious. Through to media like film, YouTube or as you young folk would say, Insta or Snap. But I have been exploring the audible. No, not that one owned by that company, the original definition of it. Something that can be heard. From playing with a midi keyboard, to audio recordings. All with the intention to be emotive.

But how I would do it is different to how you would. You see, my creative side is very much linked with my core personality. As you would expect, that is more a redundant statement. But it is stated as it is not usually something noticed, or thought. You see for me, a lot of my life is black and white, straight lines that do not cross and barely every have any mix of grey. So how would one like that express emotion, or invoke that in others. My photography is the same, my drawing and now the audio. It is all linked by a single style or focus.

And focus is the very word that will lead you to this long winded and almost too extreme pause for effect; capturing the object in it’s purest form as it is seen/heard/felt. I don’t edit my photos and do my best to capture it true to eye in my camera. Every stroke of my best drawing was referencing a photo to attempt to make it as photo real you can with just a single colour and many strokes. It all shares the one style, to capture it as I perceive it. So if you wonder how that could possibly share an emotion, or capture someone in the moment and evoke thoughts? Everyone has their own perspective on life. Their own view and thoughts.

So when you hear, see, sense that of someone else’s, it can but only invoke something within you. It might be an opposing thought, seeing something that was not originally seen. Or moreover, could be that the person observing cannot sense what was originally perceived. And that is the whole point. I absolutely love my macro lens and with the audio recording I have been using fairly sensitive microphones, that when I am recording I am even there, mouth agape. A sense of wonder pouring over me. This has been such a new sensation that my camera has never given. Well maybe never, but I believe it was a much more subdued sensation.

Headphones, Audio Recorder with inbuilt mics (2 configurations) and external mic.

To walk along, every sound amplified in your ears. It allows you to perceive the environment around you in a new light. But to further that, placing the microphone right next to a source, much like the macro lens. The detail that is revealed. So on this venture I have been learning a lot, but have learnt that I need to put a lot of effort in to learn more. Like my midi keyboard I have not successfully had a tune in my head and been able to get it out with the keys. Partly due to the design being more for advanced creators. But also as I don’t have the musical theory to back it up. But just like the recordings, this keyboard allows me to get lost in emotion due to how much control it gives. And that is what I hope my recordings can do, shed new light and new experiences, from my point of view.

As these very words, are from my point of view.

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