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Thoughts from Above

Thoughts from Above

As I sit sandwiched in like a sardine in a long tube, flying to Melbourne. It has given me time to relax and seek refuge from the world. A process I usually do daily or at least on most days. However lately I have been unable to. My world has not been perfect and routine is out of the window. But just like the window view of the world I have right now, high up above the clouds, all my problems seem distant. All the daily, monotonous task, all the challenges that life throws my way, all far below me. I was starting to get all reactive and defensive rather than taking things one step at a time. But right now I am on my way to see something new. To explore and be guided around. I know I am going to be in a safe place in safe hands but that doesn’t always prevent worries and stress from building.

Almost every part of my life lately has had stresses and unfamiliarity. And it is not like the answer is to run away and meet new people in a new place. If anything that is a challenge on its own. But it is a way of getting a new view, seeing the new sights. Upon first reading that sentance you will probably be thinking of the city and its people. But really I am talking about my own situation and life back home. Seeing it all in a new way after having time away to reflect. I know I have so many people around me who care, they have proven this multiple times. And I know they all wish they could do more. But part of any process is to deal with things yourself to some degree.

Whether it be just to reflect and understand. To process all that life gives. But also to make your own mind up on what it all means, how to react to it and best to move forward. Because at the end of the day all these decisions are yours and you need to make peace with the consequences. That way you own your decisions and what happens because of them. And whether it seems like the right thing later that is the whole point, to learn from it and try to do better next time.

It’s not that next time will be easier or have the same challenges. Or even that it will even happen at all. But you do the best you can to be prepared and to live life to the fullest. Hence why I sit here with my phone typing away 65,000 feet in the air with a cup of tea and an empty pack of Pork Buns. Even though the outside may look plain or simple, the inside has something waiting for you, a surprise, a complex mixture of flavour. Something that looks simple does not always have that simple solution and life is all about those hidden surprises. At the end of the day it is up to you to seek them out and to embrace them.

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