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Clean and ready for me to enter

Clean and ready for me to enter

Yesterday the Form 21 was delivered, the final clean was done today and I was asked to confirm a final inspection with the builder for Friday.

So, if you don’t know what a Form 21 is, it is the building certification, declaring it built like a house. And today I received the practical completion notice. For all intents and purposes, my house warranty now starts. And I get to walk through with the builder to pick out any other issues before hand over. Now, back onto the Form 21, that triggers a requirement that my finance be finalised within 14 days. And upon finance approval, settlement will then be 14 days following.

Once I have a settlement date, I have a number of things to organise, including removalists, electricity, internet and many other things. Which, for a change, mean that all the things to get the house ready will not be the builders responsibility, but mine. It has been a year now, since I started I was given notice at my last rental, and that I started looking for a house to buy.

Either way, now it is clean, lets have another look around.

Kitchen looking schmick

The yard and alfresco, if you can brave the midgies

Some rooms, although very hard to see the whole room

And the other side of the house with the clothesline

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