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Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made

This isn’t entirely detrimental to my life and it is just part of the year of financial ‘limitations’ that I will have to endure. But I found another thing which will reduce my weekly spending limit and make each day more difficult. This was all due to my very hands off approach to money and something I missed with my friend when we were going through all my finances. Thankfully I found it only 2 and a bit weeks after putting this financial plan in place, but it just adds to the money that I have to account for in this initial phase of it all.

But with all that said it will all get better and essentially is all my fault anyway. But again many thanks to my friend Ben who went out of his way to make sure that I don’t get myself into a worse situation. So basically I have debt, plenty of debt, but with this financial plan in 1 year it will be 90% paid off. And then continuing to use this financial plan I can put aside savings and some of the things I have been dreaming to do I can actually plan and actually action.

So the mistake I made recently was by not paying attention to my interest free card payments and paying way too much each month, the amount I have left isn’t actually due till early and mid 2019. Taking only this information I planned to pay only what I need to to achieve this. The information I didn’t check was that there is a minimum amount that has to be paid each month. And even though I have been paying way more each month, the minimum doesn’t change.

The major mistake I made was to let my mentality towards my credit card change. I started to think of it as money I had to spend, not money I had spent that wasn’t mine. Aka I was looking at the credit remaining and not the amount I had to pay off that was ever increasing. The realisation was not entirely too late but it was very close to it. Basically when the number I was looking at, the credit remaining, when it was almost $0 is when I went ‘oh shit’.

But to my credit (ba ding ch) is that I didn’t over-commit myself to the point of no return. I did commit myself to a point of utter struggle now. But again I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I just have to stick to this plan 1000% and I will make it out.

So thanks to all my friends and family who have supported me way more than I expected or feel I deserve. I am committed to this, whether it be by choice or the pure fact that I have to do it.

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