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Making Some Changes

Making Some Changes

So there have been a few changes in my life recently and I have been actively trying to make some more changes as well. Now I am thinking about it there are many things going on right now, haha but that’s ok, I’m ok.

I started a new position, had a basic financial plan that in all honesty was never going to work, since had a friend work with me to create a concrete financial plan, actually created a website for my personal business and now have updated my website after how many years of neglect.

So I sit here while I should be in bed, and come to think of it I really need to go soon otherwise like every day I will struggle to go to the gym tomorrow morning, listening to an audiobook although that isn’t working too well. I’ll have to rewind it. Lol.

I also have started cleaning up, some stuff around the house, some files on my hard drives and also cleaning up some files on my website and even found my old blog site from like 2008…

So to keep going with these changes, keep making short term plans and future plans. And to maybe actually make this a thing. I don’t use facebook anyway, so I may as well post my thoughts somewhere.

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